Board of Directors

The PGE Foundation’s board of directors is comprised of current and former officers, staff and directors of Portland General Electric.

Board members guide the Foundation’s strategic direction, provide financial oversight, and ensure grants align with funding opportunities and community needs.


Peggy Fowler

Peggy Fowler, chair, retired PGE president and CEO

Dave Robertson

Dave Robertson, vice chair, vice president of Public Affairs, PGE

Jardon Jaramillo

Jardon Jaramillo, treasurer, controller, PGE

Nicolle Prehn

Nicolle Prehn, secretary, PGE

Kregg Arnston

Kregg Arntson, executive director, director, Community Impact, PGE

Board members

Quintin Gaddis

Quintin Gaddis, senior manager, Substation and Meter Operations, PGE

Jim Lobdell

James Lobdell, retired PGE senior vice president of Finance and CFO

Loretta Mabinton

Loretta Mabinton, associate general counsel, PGE

Randy Miller

Randy Miller, former PGE board member

Maria Pope

Maria Pope, PGE president and CEO

Hema Sundaram

Hema Sundaram, senior manager, Information Technology, PGE

Gwyneth Gamble Booth

Gwyneth Gamble Booth, chair emeritus, former PGE board member


Kimberly Howard

Kimberly Howard, program officer

Michele Keever

Michele Keever, grants administrator