Year-end 2019

Dec. 13, 2019

As the year draws to a close, we’re reflecting on trust-based philanthropy, an approach that reimagines traditional funder-grantee relationships by addressing power imbalances that exist between foundations and our community-based organizations. At the heart of this approach is authentic partnership, which has been at the core of our foundation’s work this year. We’ve convened and conversed about innovative funding models, multiyear unrestricted funding, and more equitable grant processes.

We’ve heard from our community-based organizations who are excited by our equity journey. Michael Greer at Oregon Ballet Theatre shared, “No. Small. Task. PGE and the PGE Foundation are great role models in the community.” We sayright back atcha to Michael and many partners who have been engaging in this quiet, powerful, often difficult work of organizational transformation, removing barriers to access and opportunity for communities of color, communities navigating poverty and rural communities.

We’re excited that Portland General Electric has developed an Equity Statement to articulate and formalize our company-wide commitment. We recognize the value and necessity of community input as we shape our role and strategy in addressing matters of equity. It was extremely valuable to welcome the voices of many employees and community partners to inform the development of the statement.

PGE’s Equity Statement was crafted and published with the help of that input. We’re grateful for all our community partners who provide multiple perspectives and serve as connections  to the communities we serve. Thank you for your partnership.

As you continue your own equity journey, we wish you all the best this season and in the new year!