Developing youth through creative expression

July 9, 2019

In the Regional Arts & Culture Council’s Right Brain Initiative 2017-2018 progress report, PGE Foundation program officer, Kimberly Howard, reflected on her early involvement stating, “We wondered how the community might work together to reinvigorate education for all students using creative expression.”

A decade later, The Right Brain Initiative’s whole-school arts integration approach has resulted in significant learning gains for thousands of students in 70 schools across the region. PGE supports The Right Brain Initiative, and many other arts and culture organizations, because of the critical role creative experiences play in helping young people develop skills to succeed in the ever-changing world of work.

Not every person thinks they are artistic, but most do identify with being creative. Expressing our own creativity helps us connect with others and ourselves. It also helps us to develop critical-thinking, collaboration and problem-solving skills, and becoming more resilient. Creative experiences also make us happier!

How fortunate we are to have community organizations working collaboratively with educators in urban and rural areas across Oregon to provide students with the captivating and creative learning experiences they all so richly deserve.