Safe & Stable Families

Caring for the safety and stability of families

We are committed to helping families overcome barriers and improve their quality of life. When families have proper access to housing, food, and support they can create a safer, more sustainable future.

If you're interested in submitting a proposal for a family-oriented program, consider:

  • Preventive approaches that help families create stable environments where children can grow and thrive, with emphasis on addressing food insecurity, housing/homelessness, mental wellness and parent engagement
  • Programs that help parents, grandparents and guardians caring for children (up to age 26) develop stable family relationships, economic security and a safe and consistent home environment

We prioritize programs that use input from the community they're serving and intentionally focus on communities that have faced historic or systemic barriers in reaching equal outcomes.

Apply for funding

Award Determinations

Our grants are separate from the corporate contributions of Portland General Electric. In addition to awarding project and program grants, we also award grants for operating expenses and new and existing capital construction projects for organizations whose mission, vision and values align with our funding opportunities.

Award determinations are made at three focus-specific board meetings. While our board of directors considers every grant application on its own merits, they recognize the value and importance of collaboration in addressing the biggest challenges facing our community.